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Lifehacker: Top 10 How To Videos

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Lifehacker has a great post for the MacGyver in you. My personal favorite on the list: using a sheet of paper to open a bottle of beer. If you can’t convert that skill into a free beer with your buddies, you’ve really lost it.

Here’s a list of the rest:

  • Buy a car without getting screwed
  • Seal chips without a clip
  • Get eight watch batteries from a AA
  • Fold a t-shirt in two motions perfectly (and fast)
  • Suck less at Photoshop
  • Upgrade or replace your MacBook’s memory
  • Pick a lock with a bump key
  • Boost your Wi-Fi signal with tinfoil parabolas
  • Turn a $5 flashlight into a $95 torch

All certainly useful, but less likely to earn you a free beer.


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August 13, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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