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Lifehacker: Top 10 How To Videos

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Lifehacker has a great post for the MacGyver in you. My personal favorite on the list: using a sheet of paper to open a bottle of beer. If you can’t convert that skill into a free beer with your buddies, you’ve really lost it.

Here’s a list of the rest:

  • Buy a car without getting screwed
  • Seal chips without a clip
  • Get eight watch batteries from a AA
  • Fold a t-shirt in two motions perfectly (and fast)
  • Suck less at Photoshop
  • Upgrade or replace your MacBook’s memory
  • Pick a lock with a bump key
  • Boost your Wi-Fi signal with tinfoil parabolas
  • Turn a $5 flashlight into a $95 torch

All certainly useful, but less likely to earn you a free beer.


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August 13, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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Coffee: Good for You!

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The New York Times has a very comprehensive look at coffee and the old question of whether its really good for you. I read through the article and struggled to find something negative about it, other than the “gut-rot” (stomach ache) that is sometimes associated with it.

Used under a Creative Commons License. "colorful coffee composition" by once and future (via Flickr).

Used under a Creative Commons License. "colorful coffee composition" by once and future (via Flickr).

That said, I’m a huge coffee drinker–black and unadulterated–so below are the good highlights.

Coffee doesn’t:

  • dehydrate you
  • contribute to heart disease
  • contribute to the development of hypertension (high blood pressure), but colas do
  • contribute to cancer development
  • cause bone loss (and with some cream/milk, it helps prevent it)

Coffee does:

  • improve athletic performance
  • improve memory and the completion of complex tasks (like driving to/from work in the wee hours)
  • lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • lowers the risk of the onset of Type 2 Diabetes

In otherwords, weighing a stomach ache along side these positives, you should suck down that coffee–no matter how bitter.

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August 5, 2008 at 9:42 pm

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Favorite Road Trip Snacks

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Car Lust has an interesting post on favorite road trip snacks. Here’s a good point:

[…] processed snacks make you fat, wreak havoc on your blood sugar, have wasteful packaging, poke gaping holes in the ozone layer, and introduce trans-fats to endangered species. They are also fantastic on road trips.

That’s precisely why they invented products like “Munchies.” Personally, I enjoy Chex Mix bold from time-to-time, but my all time favorites are sunflower seeds (ranch flavor) and a Dr. Pepper fountain drink (the bigger, the better).

For meal-sized eats, I prefer Taco Bell, despite it being difficult to eat. The true challenge isn’t in eating it, but in not staining clothing or car interior. True, this sort of multitasking isn’t recommended, and certainly isn’t safe driving, but when you have to eat, you do.

What are your favorite snacks for calming cravings as the miles fly by?

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August 5, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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Investing Tips: Buy Stock on Margin When Young

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The CXO Advisory Group has an interesting blog post noting a recent paper entitled “Life-Cycle Investing and Leverage: Buying Stock on Margin Can Reduce Retirement Risk”. The gist of this is that there has generally been a 9.1% return on stock investing since 1971. Most margin lending rates are 5%. Therefore, you can leverage a portfolio to increase returns by 4.1% (you’re already earning 9.1% on your other assets that serve as margin collateral). They then go on to back-test a strategy derived from this to show that investing liquid savings and leveraging it 2:1 beat out other more traditional strategies.

This would appear to be a great strategy to use with one of the strategies I discussed in my post “How to Start Investing for Recent College Graduates.”

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June 2, 2008 at 10:53 am

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Six Reasons to Give

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AOL’s Money & Finance section has an article today titled “Six Surprising Reasons to Give to Charity.” I can generally agree with all of them except number one. Here’s the list:

  1. Meet celebrities
  2. Do interesting things
  3. Get cool stuff
  4. Meet interesting people
  5. Feel real good
  6. Enjoy great tax benefits

I really hope people aren’t giving to charities to meet celebrities (#1). Your mind must really be in the wrong place. Meeting interesting people (#4), on the other hand, is completely legitimate. Best of all, and I am an accountant, is number six. Just make sure that you gave enough (but not too much) to be able to take advantage of those benefits!

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May 22, 2008 at 2:17 pm

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BBC Radio NewsPod

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On my morning commutes I have a long standing habit of listening to BBC Radio’s NewPod podcasts. It is a collection of the best stories from across the BBC’s news radio programming. I recommend it for its variety and its quality of reporting. For example, April 8th it covered the Petraeus testimony to Congress, house price drops in the UK (who is experiencing a similar crisis to ours stateside), a robot restaurant in Germany, the health risks of tanning beds and more. The program(me) is produced daily and runs 25-35 minutes.

Also, BBC radio podcasts have been added to the “Links” section.

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April 9, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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Stuff White People Like

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And now something completely different: I recently found this horribly un-politically correct blog, titled “Stuff White People Like.” The entire site is in list form. There have been so many comments made on each post that it bogs down any computer I’ve been on. Here’s a quote from the first thing white people like, coffee:

There is no doubt that white people love coffee. Yes, it’s true that asians like iced coffee and people of all races enjoy it. But I promise you that the first person at your school to drink coffee was a white person. You could kind of tell they didn’t enjoy it, but they did it anyways until they liked it – like cigarettes.

It keeps going, and its so (stereotypically) true.

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April 8, 2008 at 9:39 pm