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More Crooks

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Jake Tapper at ABC News’ Political Punch looks at a number of potentially crooked Republicans who have been associated with Sen. Steven’s gravy train.

Names included in his post are Senators Collins (R-Maine), Dole (R-NC), Smith (R-Ore), Sununu (R-NH), and Minnesota’s own Norm Coleman.

A lot of these donations are party of normal practice in politics, but this doesn’t make them right by any means. ALSO: just because we’re knocking Republican Senators here, let’s just remember that this happens to all politicians. The question is whether its easily visible or cloaked with smoke and mirrors. There is a reason why politics is the “second oldest profession.” (The first being prostitution.)

Depending on your level of cynicism, you might find very little difference between the two.


Written by walonline

August 1, 2008 at 8:07 am

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