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I’m not normally the one to dream up conspiracies. For example, I’ll call you delusional if you’re one of the folks that believes the Bush Administration set up the attacks on 9/11. On the other hand, people would probably call me crazy for saying “Wag the Dog” and Bill Clinton’s interesting tendency to make military strikes when the heat was on him for, er, domestic issues, are strikingly similar–more so than Oliver Stone‘s movie could ever be.

My thoughts:

Used under a Creative Commons License. Crooked Door by Skinnyde (Flickr)

What chance is it that there are politician motivations for the indictment of Sen. Ted Stevens to take the heat off Justice Department employees embroiled in the politically-motivated hiring policies of the Gonzalez Justice Department?

Politics is far reaching, and a connection here–although it wouldn’t really matter or be significant–would not surprise me one bit. I probably am going crazy, though. If some of these stories surrounding Stevens are true, he needs to go:

On Tuesday a federal grand jury charged Stevens with failing to report gifts from Veco, including cars and free labor for a home in Girdwood, Alaska the senator called “the chalet.”

Maybe it will serve as an example for other Politicians and they’ll at least be a little more careful to conceal their dealings. In fact, the article I linked to above speculates on the involvement of other officials:

[Stevens] isn’t the only U.S. lawmaker whose fortunes are likely threatened by his ties to an obscure oil services company […].

Am I going crazy, or just being a little too cynical? Any thoughts of your own on this?

Also, I’m adding a new category for just this sort of discussion (because it makes me all sorts of angry): “Crooks!”

UPDATE 7/31 @ 8:50a: It appears that I’m not the only one that thinks this. White Collar Crime Prof Blog has been considering whether this indictment was used to take the head off the Department of Justice also.


Written by walonline

July 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm

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