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Big Phil Scolari Is Chelsea’s Next Coach

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That’s what just was announced on the UEFA broadcast of the Swiss v. Turkey on ESPN 2. He’ll take over July 1, in time for preseason training tours to begin. Thoughts?


(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

He certainly has shown the ability to take offensively talented teams and get them to play solid defense (and get results). Examples of this can be seen in Brazil (won a WC) and Portugal. Very interesting.

Watch out, United (and the rest of the Prem). His teams play well and are successful where ever he goes.

Timing is a little odd, though.

UPDATE @ 3:45p: Here’s some links: first, google news’ results for “scolari” and from, he’s the odds-on favorite to take the job.

UPDATE @ 5:00p: I’ve got a better link now, from the BBC. It includes interesting speculation on the Christiano Ronaldo situation and whether Scolari has given him any advice on which club to chose (Real or United).


Written by walonline

June 11, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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