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Rethinking “Green”

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Wired magazine has a great section proposing the slaughtering of environmentalist mainstays in the interest of solving global warming. While those on either side of the political aisle will argue whether global warming is actually happening (which educated folk will be especially partisan on), looking at their ideas in terms of sound and intelligent energy policy (discussed at length here), is well warranted. Here’s the list (with links):

  1. Live in cities
  2. A/C is O.K.
  3. Organic is not the answer
  4. Farm the forests
  5. China is the solution
  6. Accept genetic engineering
  7. Carbon trading doesn’t work
  8. Embrace nuclear power
  9. Used cars–not hybrids
  10. Prepare for the worst

These are obviously all twists on common environmentalist mantras, but if there is going to be movement made on energy/environmental policies that are workable and do not destroy American competitiveness, everyone needs to take a step back from their partisan allegiances and work for intelligent solutions. That is the true (and spot on) message of this Wired section.


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May 20, 2008 at 10:27 am

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