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How Starbucks Changed Its Logo

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The blog Deadprogrammer’s Cafe has a great look at the history of the Starbucks logo and where the inspiration from it and its changes came from. It is very interesting, and in light of LOGOGATE, very appropriate.

It goes quite in depth, as can be noticed in this early paragraph:

Basically, from what I gathered from different sources, including that book, there is a lot of confusion between the different mythological half-women. Typically they are called Sirens – both the half-bird/half-woman and the half-fish/half-woman varieties. The fish type are usually called Mermaids. Both types according to the ancient Greeks were in the business of seducing mariners with songs and promises of sex and then killing them, but Hans Christian Andersen and Disney mostly made everybody forget that.

It’s a worthwhile read, though.


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May 17, 2008 at 4:15 pm

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