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Tory Revival Similar to Canada’s?

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Andrew Sullivan has a great bit from a reader summarizing why the Conservative (Tory) Party has made a revival in recent elections in the UK, and it happens to mirror the same happenings in our neighbor to the north. Here’s the meat of it:

Basically the exact same thing played itself out in Canada a couple of years ago. You have a conservative party banished to the woods for over a decade due to a combination of charismatic and dynamic opponents and internal incompetence. Then the leader on whose back the party rose to power (Blair and Jean Chrétien) gives way to their wonkish but dithering deputy (Brown and Paul Martin).


Combined with the standard stories of overreach and incompetence that come from being in party so long sullying the good name of the government party, the conservative party out of power long enough for everyone to forget what made them so obnoxious in the first place and replacing the old conservative leaders with newer, younger faces, add water and – bingo! – instant “conservative mandate”.

This is extremely interesting because the same movement has been happening here over the past few years. In this case, it has been a second term with a re-worked cabinet, not an incompetent successor, that has brought about what should be an easy win for Democrats in November.

It really is their year to screw it up. No one is talking about how little the Democratic Congress has done since their win for “change” at the mid-term elections (I did here). We’ll see if the GOP brings up anything along those lines in the next six months.


Written by walonline

May 14, 2008 at 11:22 am

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