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Put A Fork In Her!

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Bump: Greg Mankiw points out. via the Washington Times, that McCain’s economic advisers did not give him advice on the gas tax “holiday” at all. Instead, it was a pollster. This whichever-way-the-wind-blows politicking will not win  Senator McCain any points among  conservative voters, who normally associate this action with Liberal politicians.

First Published May 5 @ 12:00a:

Comments like those Hillary Clinton made earlier should be heeded by Democrats and John McCain. This is effectively political suicide for her, if you ask me. As the New York Times reports:

This morning, George Stephanopoulos began his televised interview with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton by asking if she could name a single economist who supported her plan for a gas-tax suspension.

Mrs. Clinton did not. “I’m not going to put in my lot with economists,” she said on the ABC program “This Week.” A few moments later, she added, “Elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantages the vast majority of Americans.”

Throughout the exchange, Mrs. Clinton argued that she trusted her own eyes and ears instead. “This gas tax issue to me is very real,” she said, “because I have been meeting people across Indiana and North Carolina who drive for a living, who commute long distances, who would save money.”

Is Mrs. Clinton reading Dr. Seuss books to get policy ideas? This shows classic political posturing based on whatever direction the wind is blowing (as opposed to leadership, which would be nice).

Senator Clinton must believe in a free lunch as well. That would benefit everyone. Sadly, it doesn’t exist. The “holiday”–as it is being billed–would only increase demand for fuel. We’re still cheaper than Europe, and the tax isn’t entirely effective at its present level for maintaining our infrastructure. It probably should go higher, rather than lower.

Luckily, one of the candidates, Obama, has called this “holiday” what it is: ridiculous. It sounds like Barry’s too busy putting out other fires with regards to Ayers and Wright to really get Hill by the throat on this one.

This “holiday” is nothing more than a search for votes. The pols believe it will look good to the lay person because they see gas prices every day. They see the prices rise and they might be in a bit of a pinch. In reality, however, for the average consumer, gas prices make up just over five percent of ones expenses, which is less than the normal person spends eating out. (See a breakdown of how inflation relates to the average consumer’s spending, hat tip: The Big Picture.) It just begs the question: where are the other candidates economic advisers on this one? Who dreamed up this “holiday”? It’s yet another asinine energy policy proposal that, if passed, cause everyone more pain than anything.

Bill Clinton’s famous “its the economy, stupid” comment rings true here, too. Bill had a reasonable policy, though, unlike these cheap (albeit, expensive for the taxpayer) vote-buying policies.

As for McCain, he needs to quit pandering for votes with this worthless ploy as well. He would run well if he didn’t pander and just maintained a very moderate platform. A candidate with a strong reputation for defense and a moderate domestic platform would probably run very well.

UPDATE @ 12:20a: The Times has released information on their new tracking poll that finds 49% of people don’t like the idea of the “holiday” while 45% think it would be helpful.


Written by walonline

May 6, 2008 at 8:10 am

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