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Rush Limbaugh had this to say about Rev. Wright, as was posted by Andrew Sullivan:

I watched some of Reverend Wright this morning at the National Press Club. It seems obvious to me that he’s doing everything he can to wipe out Obama’s candidacy, and I’ll tell you why I think it is. I think that people like Reverend Wright — and I think there are a lot of other race business hustlers out there, by the way, who think this — really upset that if a black candidate is elected president, that they’re going to be somehow diminished in their task, at keeping everybody in their flocks all revved up and angry about the ages old sin of slavery and the ongoing discrimination.

So it appears to me, if you look at Reverend Wright, listen to what he says and analyze it from the context or perspective of what’s best for him, which is clearly all he’s interested in, what’s best for him is that if Obama loses, because then it’s easy for him to say, “See, the white power structure doesn’t want a black man to rise to the pinnacle of power in the United States of America.”


It would certainly fuel Reverend Wright’s future and continue to help him raise money and keep people whipped up into a frenzy. He’s not helpful. Whatever he thinks he’s doing, it is not helpful to Barack Obama.

No matter your bias to Mr. Limbaugh and his antics (his pompous act is just that–its radio and its entertainment). On this topic, while it reflects a pretty cynical world view is really spot on. There has to be a willingness (and effort) on both sides to work for equality. With out this, we’re treading water as a society.

This furthermore calls to issue Obama’s connections with Rev. Wright and how long he has waited to distance himself. He knew he’d be running. His staff knew about Wright. Why was this not taken care of early on? Why did he have to come half way and brush him off as a crazy uncle? I hope he doesn’t consider Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad another “crazy uncle.”

It is good to see that he has finally distanced himself. Andrew gives him too much credit, believing this is genuine. I’m not convinced many politicians of any party, race, or creed are completely genuine. He has a chance to take a huge–dare I say revolutionary, for American politics–step forward in domestic policy and public discourse if he can successfully promote dialog on this divisive matter.

Also, on Andrew, I’ve gotten rather fed up with him lately. He’s been way behind the curve on Wright and Ayers and is clinging to his very early endorsement of Obama. I stand by the thoughts I have posted of his here. They seem to be filled with a reasonable amount of clarity (much like the one above, where he *gasp* agreed with Limbaugh).

Now, back to International Finance!


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April 29, 2008 at 10:47 pm

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  1. It’s important to realize that within the ‘Black Church’ that Rev. Wright was speaking to be a part of is actually divided into three main streams of thought and with that, preaching styles. While I’m currently blanking on the terms given to each of the three here is the quick overview of them

    – Reconciliation Stream: They believe that it is still in the best interest of all Americans to be unified, without seperation.

    – Separatist Stream (maybe): They gave this unity thing a chance, and it got their leader (Dr.King) killed. We’re done with reconciliation, it’s time to lift our people up. They’re done with the process.

    -Black Power Stream (maybe): They’ve gone beyond what the Separatists have to a point of giving up on the non-violence movement and take opportunities to lash out at the white community.

    Rev. Wright comes from the Separatist stream of thought. He was there during the civil rights movement. He was hosed down for standing up for basic human rights and decency for all. After king was killed, he withdrew himself from the process.

    While that understanding helps us see where he is coming from. I still don’t believe it makes his behavior, or position acceptable. God is a deliverer, and if we believe that we need to rest and trust him all the way through our struggles. Not to a point where we decide we’ve had enough, or tried enough.

    I will double check my correctness (and the titles attributed to) on these streams. I’m fairly confident in the descriptions of them.

    I do see the possibility of Rev. Wright having the motives mentioned above, yet I’m not sure that he would put it that way. He would likely says that the black community has already tried the political system, and it failed them. So why waste your efforts on it, you’ll end up just like MLK. He may even think that he is helping to protect Obama by trying to take him out of the race.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Paul Prins

    May 1, 2008 at 1:52 pm

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