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First Tabacco, Now What?

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I am a huge proponent of smoking bans. It is one of few things that one person can do that can harm another. Now, however, there are movements to restrict freedoms of food choices, alcohol, and more. The vast majority of these have no effect on other individuals.

James Poulos has an interesting article on the pink police and their belief that certain normal choices–he uses vices–are too expensive for the state to afford. This is particularly worrying that people would take their power to impede on others. Poulos goes further, adding:

With the logic of latter-day capitalism pushing people toward the constant consumption of sociable personal pleasures (as the only reward that seems worth working for), pressure from above concerning which pleasures are permissible is not only freaky but dangerously paradoxical.

I’ve suggested before that the inevitable and prompt result of administrative tyranny is freedom by bribe. The particulars here seem to point in the same direction. Already we in the West are accustomed to our celebrities breakin’ all the rules. The more arbitrary and ridiculous the law becomes in trying to shape enjoyments, the more the issue will take on class contours. In the new dystopia, only the upper class will be able to afford lower class pleasures.

Now all the civil libertarians who protested smoking bans on the basis of the “slippery slope” argument look all the wiser.


Written by walonline

April 25, 2008 at 8:49 am

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