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PA Wednesday Morning Quarterback

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The following links are the best on the web to wrap up the PA Primary last night in which Hillary “Hill” Clinton defeated Barrack “Barry” Obama by a margin of 54.3 to 45.7% (you might also note that Ron Paul picked up nearly 16% on the Republican side). Overnight, there were many reports (including the BBC Newspod I listened to this morning) that Hill got her much-needed double digit margin. In actuality, it is closer than reported (and that line is exactly the spin from the Obama camp).

  • Maureen Dowd offers her thoughts–complete with all the sexual innuendo you can handle–claiming that Hill’s campaign has now become completely emasculating of her opponent:
  • She’s been running ads about it, suggesting he doesn’t have “what it takes” to run the country. Her message is unapologetically emasculating: If he does not have the gumption to put me in my place, when superdelegates are deserting me, money is drying up, he’s outspending me 2-to-1 on TV ads, my husband’s going crackers and party leaders are sick of me, how can he be trusted to totally obliterate Iran and stop Osama?

    Now that Hillary has won Pennsylvania, it will take a village to help Obama escape from the suffocating embrace of his rival. Certainly Howard Dean will be of no use steering her to the exit. It’s like Micronesia telling Russia to denuke.

    Barry’s camp also seems to have taken on Hill’s historical belief in her own entitlement to the White House.

  • Power Line has a negative tone, but they’ve been attacking (and rightfully so!) both Democratic candidates dutifully from the beginning. In the end they call neither the winner, instead hailing Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” in a landslide.
  • Josh Marshall doesn’t believe anything has really changed, but sure hears is a lot of spin coming from both camps:
  • I’d say the real story is that this leaves us basically where we were. It was a decisive win for Hillary but that was the expectation. Going into tonight I think the dividing line was about 8 points. Closer than that and the story would have been that Obama didn’t win but closed the margin (which is how it looked early in the evening). A bigger margin than that and the story would be that Hillary got her big victory.

There are still more primaries to come; North Carolina and Indiana are next. For what seems like months Barry has been trying to hold together an unassailable lead. Even Rush Limbaugh knew too well shortly following Super Tuesday that Hill’s push will take her right to Denver. It is highly unlikely that she will be successful.

This is the exact situation Dem’s wanted to avoid, because Hill will cause Barry to spend more (draining his war chest), while McCain takes none of the shots. McCain also gets the chance to raise funding, consolidate his party and move towards the center. Whoever comes out of Denver with the nomination, will still have to take a considerable amount of time consolidating their base before their move to the center.

What is clear is that the race will continue to evolve and become more negative. Its part of the political game. If Barry can’t put up with a single reporter while he eats, his route to Denver will be as enjoyable as a root canal sans pain killers.

For now, however, viva Ron Paul Revolution! As mentioned earlier, his supporters won’t give up, grabbing over 15% of the vote in a meaningless primary. Hillary isn’t the one with a never-say-die attitude. It is the “Paultards,” as they are affectionately (or not) referred to at Wonkette. David Weigel, writing at Reason, adds:

Ron Paul will come out ofhis home state with around 127,000 votes, giving him around 974,000 votes total for the caucuses and primaries that have wrapped thus far. He’ll undoubtedly hit one million for the whole primary season: More than Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, or John Edwards.

A great grab for him indeed.


Written by walonline

April 23, 2008 at 9:06 am

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