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Mickey Kaus, writing on his blog at Slate, believes that the framework believed by Vulgar Marxists lends itself directly to condescension. He goes on to compare himself to Obama along those lines:

The problem for me is that I’m a Vulgar Marxist too. I’ve always believed that people need to eat, and want to get ahead and prosper. If you give them an avenue that lets them do that, they aren’t going to let their religion, their music, their sexual habits, their families or their educational system stand in their way for long.

Nobody in American politics likes being condescended to, so this should Obama’s–and arguably the democrats’–main focus: avoiding it by accepting that they may be wrong. Much of this has to do with respect, which when confused with condescension, can be very difficult to separate.


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April 21, 2008 at 5:09 pm

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