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Friday Randomness

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This is an open post, to be updated throughout the day with worthy randomness.

This YouTube is really neat. High speed cameras showing the popping of a water balloon (Hat Tips to Andrew Sullivan and Wired).

An interesting post from “And Still I Persist” regarding last night’s Midwestern earthquake.

@ 3:23p: The Speculist has a great pick up of an ad from Pizza Hut regarding their new pasta entree’s. Apparently, they’re restaurant quality. They’re advocating that their quality is normally rubbish, or as the Speculist put it, just not “setting the bar kind of high.” Someone fire the copywriter! James Lileks should look to write a book about more recent advertising blunders (he has already done works on foods and interiors, among others). Hat tip: Instapundit

@ 3:30p: Woot! Office Rumors has reached #60 on WordPress’ English Growing Blogs list.

@ 4:55p: Lifehacker has a how-to on customizing the Outlook “Today” pane with basic and/or cut-and-paste HTML code.


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April 18, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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