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The “Cling” Gaffe

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Mikey Kaus, writing on his blog at Slate, has the best breakdown (I’ve seen ) of what was wrong with Barrack Obama’s comments during a fundraiser in San Fransisco this weekend. He looks at what he believes are the four problems with Obama’s statements. Here is a key excerpt from the fourth:

4. Yes, he’s condescending. It’s not just that in explaining everyone to everyone Obama winds up patronizing everyone. He doesn’t patronize everyone equally.


Superiority of this sort–not crediting the authenticity and standing of your subject’s views–is a violation of social equality, which is a more important value for Americans than money equality.

The actual speech, not just the analysis of the veiled comments, show that it was pretty overt as well. Kaus goes on to put to words my problem with Obama–much better than I ever could (emphasis his):

And Obama never describes his own views as the products of anything except an accurate perception of reality. Come to think of it, has he ever expressed any doubt about–let alone apologized for–his views? He certainly didn’t apologize in his “race” speech. He presents himself as near ominscient, the Archimedian point from which everyone else’s beliefs and behavior can be assessed and explained, and to which almost everyone’s beliefs will revert after the revolution.

It is odd how all the excitement for this presidential campaign, especially among the “1/20/09” bumper-stick fans, is starting to tear apart all three remaining candidates. Obviously, McCain avoids much of it with his secured nomination, but the continuance of the Democratic Primaries has shown both Hillary and Obama in not-so-attractive light. For Obama/Hope, this has been especially bad of late.

So, what will happen by the first week in November? We’ll have one less candidate, and like previous elections, most people won’t like either. Instead, its doing to once again be the battle of lessor evils.


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April 14, 2008 at 12:04 pm

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