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Friday Photo of the Day

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Most American

This is the first “Friday Photo of the Day,” which will help break the monotony of politics, current affairs, taxes, etc. And, yes, I failed in that respect today. Nonetheless, this is a great photo because of the depth of thought it provokes.

Under context of the above photo’s recent appearance and the fact that it was heavily voted up at Reddit, leads me to believe it is considering a rather narrow view of its statement–the questioning of the current administration.

However, I like to consider the photograph under a larger context. Anyone in this country should be able to realize that because we live in a Democracy, our free speech affords us the write to question those in power. This was not the case of the founding fathers, who by openly questioning King George and his men, were committing treason.

Unquestionably, the founding fathers knew it. John Hancock wrote his name on the Declaration of Independence with the intension of making it large enough for the King to read it without his glasses. Later, they wrote in treason as the only crime specifically mentioned in the Constitution along with its penalty: death. Both are powerful statements showing that it is right to question the government and call it to task for things it has done wrong.

Today, question the government. After all, our representatives serve at the leisure of “we the people.”

There is also a great set of desert night photos at “Lost America.”


Written by walonline

April 11, 2008 at 9:53 am

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