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MLB Opening Day 2008

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 It is the last day in March and its baseball season again. For most Minnesota Twins fans, this means another month of what the rest of the country would call “winter.” This fan, however, gets to see spring and outdoor baseball (college) in March. The following are a few thoughts on the season to come.

First, the Twins, who are picked by Vegas to win 73.5 games, will probably be just above that mark near 80. The organization has established a core of players for when it gets into the new ballpark in two seasons and has shown the ability over recent history to call up the right players to get the impact they need.

That said, they’ve lost two rocks from their lineup. Gone are Johan Sanatana’s strike outs and wins along with Torri Hunter’s acrobatic defensive display in the outfield. In their place are relatively no-name players, which have been the real backbone of the Twins success (and struggles) over the past decade. In addition, they will be playing in the toughest division in the American League, if not the entire MLB. Getting to eighty and finishing fourth in the division is a very real possibility.

The Central Division is the strongest in the American League, but still may only place a single team in the playoffs. The wild card will most likely again go to either the Red Sox or the Yankees (with the other winning the division). From the central will either be the Indians or the Tigers. One of those four teams will win the world series, depending on who is hot at the end. 

As for the other divisions and leagues, there really isn’t time, or a personal interest in breaking them all down. Story lines in the National League’s West Division will probably the most intriguing. Outside of that, I will try to avoid discussions of baseball with rabid Cub fans, per usual, at all costs.

Update (3/31): The Twins take their 3-2 over the Angels in the home opener under the Dome, while the Cities get dumped on. Minneapolis Star-Tribune Columnist Patrick Reusse tips his cap to the roof of teflon.


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