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L is for Landycakes

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It is Friday, so no more Fed talk. This weekend, in addition to the NCAA tournament sees the beginning of a new MLS season.

That’s On Point has a great rundown of what to watch for in the coming MLS season. I’ve followed the league regularly and finally made it to a “Beckham was injured” game last season. The author does a pretty good job with his alphabet, which covers a variety of storylines leading into this season.

What makes this season especially interesting is to see the development of young players that will become regulars on the national team. The MLS also does not present the barriers to play (although it isn’t the same level) for US nationals that Europe does through work permit requirements.

This article caught me because of its author’s mention of Landon, however, writing:

L is also for Landycakes, as in Landon Donovan. You can’t talk about MLS without mentioning the once and future poster boy for soccer in America.

Pretty good stuff, and it recognizes a sad reality of the professional sport in this country. Soccer will take a while to catch on in the US when the poster child rarely scores unless its a penalty kick. Oh, and his free kicks and set pieces (corner kicks) are downright awful  95% of the time(Adu awaits in the wings!)–95% because the US Men’s National Team came up with two goals off Donovan corners midweek in a friendly with Poland (note: Poland somehow made Euro 2008, while England did not). Was this luck, or did Landycakes get some pointers from Becks?


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March 28, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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