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The Need For More Evidence

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Leave it to a newspaper in Canada to publish an article that attempts to poke a hole in the current global warming orthodoxy among scientists, politicians and news media. Those Canadians would benefit most by having some warmer weather, so why stop warming? Many people residing in the higher and lower latitudes wouldn’t mind it either.

In truth, the article is very true. Many people are so utterly convinced of global warming’s existence (consider your author a skeptic)–much as I am convinced of my Apple computer at home’s superiority to the PCs I use at work and school–that they have staked careers and reputations on it. News media is quick to brush aside decent as well.

What scientists on both sides of the argument need to do is push for more empirical evidence and less modeling (or re-thought models). For example, classic Economics–the idea of a continuum of shocks–can show where an economy has been, but has great difficulty predicting the future. Econometrics,a more in-depth level of modeling and mathematics, has improved upon classic Economics. In the same way, climate modeling is limited by current knowledge and has a very difficult time determining where the climate is headed. There is an ever-present need now for a balance in rhetoric and further responsible scientific research, not fire-and-brimstone rhetoric and models that give apocalyptic predictions of earth’s destruction.


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March 25, 2008 at 12:02 pm

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